Our Carolina Strategic Partners
 We use all natural ingredients in the production of our jerky and we continue to seek out fresh local  products as we create new flavor profiles so you can expect our Carolina Partnerships to grow with us.

 Harris Robinette Farms           Micro Summit Processors          Dark Corners Distillery
 Blue Moon Sauces and Spices  

 The Greenville Jerky Company really should  be called the Greenville Jerky Companies because we are  actually a group of several small companies that together makes jerky that is:

  • Hand Crafted               Small Batch         All Natural       100% Grass-fed Carolina Beef
  • No Added MSG     Nitrate and Preservative Free     No Artificial Ingredients        
  • Whole Muscle Meat       No High Fructose Corn Syrup    

 A true “pasture to pouch” jerky made with real beef using fresh ingredients you know and trust by folks that  are as passionate about making great jerky as you are about eating it!

Making Beef Jerky