Beef Facts:
 •     Health benefits
 o Higher Omega  3’s
 o Higher  CLA’s
 o Leaner  beef
Environmental Benefits
 o No pesticides on cattle or  pasture
 o No use of commercial  fertilizers
 ▪     Rely on legumes and fish emulsion
 o Water  Conservation
 ▪     Traditional production is 2400  gallons for 1 lb of meat
 ▪     HRB operation is 34 gallons for 1 lb  of meat
 o Major reduction in Travel  Miles
 ▪    Average distance from Gate to Plate  is 253 miles
Customer Benefits
 o Loins are trimmed so there is very  little prep work and  waste
 o Minimum shrink during  cooking
 o Beefier  Flavor
 o New elements for  menus

 Company Profile:
 •     Founded in 2000
 •     100 % Grass Fed/ Grass Finished operation
 • Family operation that diversified from Tobacco and offer opportunity for next generation  farming
 •     Natural Production.  Never-Ever’s.  No Antibiotics, No Hormones, No Pesticides
 •    Amy owns USDA slaughter facility (Micro Summit Processors) in Micro NC
 •     Totally vertically integrated- Gate to the Plate
 •     Combination of Dry and Wet aging
 • Focus of operation is the triple holistic return- Operation Profits, Environment Profits, and 
 Society Profits.  Measured in equal units.
 •   Utilizing Senepol cattle in our breeding program. Benefits of the breed allow for HRB to 
 provide a high quality beef product to the consumer.
 o Originated in St Croix  Island
 o Designed for grass  production
 o Disease resistant, Fly resistant and Parasite resistant; Allows for the elimination of synthetic 
 controls in production
 o Heat  resistant